Br. Mansoor at Speaker’s Corner

This is simply a must-see discussion. Br. Mansoor engages with a Christian on the nature of their God, many interesting arguments are raised and the video has proven to be quite informative. I’d also recommend subscribing to the YouTube channel that posts these videos: Subscribe to 79 Sarwar.

and Allah knows best!


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  • Hi
    This is what the incarnation is all about…work it out Mansoor is all dealing with people that can’t defend themselves, I can find many Muslims that can’t defend Islam.

  • It is quite usual for Christians to not be able to defend themselves on the doctrine of the Trinity. That’s because it cannot be done. Even your brightest and best apologists like Jonathan McLatchie cannot defend themselves – they fall into heresy and just run away. See this:

  • “This is what the incarnation is all about…”

    do you even know what incarnation is ??

    so tell me what does it mean that “god became man”

    did the invisible and unseen being of god became weak and created?

    what did the INVISIBLE bit with POWERS change to?

    lets say that you as a human BECAME chicken in thought

    do you agree that your thought PROCESS became chicken thought?

    did a little bit of the invisible god held by finite and created flesh?
    so bit of god was in meat?

    so a little bit of god in meat


    god in heaven

    **************so what was in between god in heaven and god in meat? *********************

    why do you limit your pagan god in 1 meat?

    why not have it in other meats and non-meats?

    animal, idols , humans celestial bodies?

    in your mind ,you say you worship the Canaanite god of israel

    but let me ask simple question

    if you told the hebrew pagans and their pagan neighbours that you worship god in meat and at the same time there is another SEPARATE god who is separate from creation (remember jesus prays to the father and between the father and jesus, there are no parts /bits of god residing in creation) , then why can’t you be accused of worshipping two separate beings?

    your little bit of god (not COMPLETE) on earth and the higher god who remains SEPARATE trumps the flesh bit.

    so tell me, what does incarnation mean?

    do you really know what it means?

    i don’t think you know what it means for your god to pass flatulence among his disciples and then tell himself he is “yhwh in the flesh”

    i don’t even think your god knew what it meant

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