Missionary Mishap: God’s Name

The claim of this missionary is quite strange. Apparently, he believes that the name of the Godhead, “YHWH”, is insufficient to gain access to the Persons in the Godhead.


You can’t use God’s name to gain access to God. Brilliant.

and God knows best.


  • Someone should enlighten this poor soul about the well known Islamic method of “casting out demons” known as ruqya. I have heard this rather silly “argument” from Christians before. It goes along the lines of ” I have seen many possessed people get healed after the name of Jesus was mentioned over them.” Now they go on to add “How come demons don’t respond to the name of Mohammad, or Buddha, or anyone else?” There are, obviously, problems with this premise. 1. Why would demons respond to a name that essentially is made up? If, say in the future, Jesus’ becomes Bob, would demons still fear that name and flee the afflicted? So, why would a name that is detached from the actual name of that particular prophet who lived 2000 years ago, have any influence on demons? 2. Go to youtube, type “Islamic exorcism.” You will find some disturbing cases of alleged demon possession, and yes they culminate with demons being “casted out.” Such unproven and unsubstantiated notions of healing the “possessed” by chanting over them, reading over them, whispering over them, exist in many other traditions, including Hinduism. Sadly, this bizarre concept–casting out demons, with the name of Jesus- has given many Christians an abundance of comfort in their own religion. Little do they know that it exists in almost every culture the world over.

  • ” I have seen many possessed people get healed after the name of Jesus was mentioned over them.”

    josephus says people were healing in solomons name.
    the bible says solomon had control over the demons.
    eliezer cast out demon in solomons name.

  • jesus of christianity asks the pharisees in whose name were the jews casting out demons?
    surely they weren’t casting out using the name “jesus”
    and surely they weren’t casting out using the name “yhwh”

    “And if i drive out demons by Beelzebul, by whom do your people drive them out?”

    surely the answer is not “jesus”

    by whom?

  • “Solomon had the same power and people were still casting out demons in the name of King Solomon even in Jesus’ day (Josephus Antiquities 8.2.5).”

  • ” I have seen many possessed people get healed after the name of Jesus was mentioned over them.”

    i have seen “jesus” taken out of people. the random jinn that appears with holes in his hands and feet has been taken out invoking the holy name of the unseen creator of the heavens and the earth. His name is ALLAH.

  • Mr. Heathcliff, reading your comments almost gives me the impression that you misconstrued my comment to affirm the christian position simply because I was quoting a christian claim. I hope not.

  • i am not affirming the christian position. my words are very very clear.

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