Muslim Scholars Condemnation of ISIS/ Dawla/ Daesh/ IS

A scholarly edict which has been supported and acknowledged by several scholars throughout the Muslim world, inclusive of the UK reads as follows:



If that does not convince you of ISIS’s wrongs, perhaps this advice by one of the Imams of al Quds al Sharif in Jerusalem, Palestine will:

and God knows best.


  • Yes this is good.

    But how do the imams answer the claim by ISIS that they (ISIS) are carrying out the commands in the Quran (for instance, to fight the unbelievers wherever they find them, 9:29)?

  • Context. It’s called eisegesis to interpret scripture by yourself, for yourself. There must be a standard with which we approach scripture: exegesis, hermeneutics, Uloom al Qur’aan.

    See verse 28 for context.

    “O believers, the idolaters are unclean. So they should not approach the Holy Mosque after this year. In case you fear indigence (from the stoppage of business with them), then God will enrich you of His bounty if He will, for God is all-knowing and all-wise.”

    It’s concerning those polytheists of the Hijaz.

  • Thanks
    But I don’t see how you answered my question

  • Hi David,

    What don’t you understand?

  • Thanks Ijaz
    I asked what did the imams say about (eg) Quran 9:29, not what you think. What was THEIR actual argument?

    What you say is quite interesting though. Does that mean that 9:29 is no longer applicable today, in your view? Does this apply to the other ‘sword’ verses?
    What other authorities say this?


  • David Kemball-Cook can we apply the same teaches of Your bible too in here ? 🙂

  • Hi

    Sorry I don’t understand your question.
    Could you explain please?

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