David Wood’s Hypocrisy

David recently posted the following,

“Devout Muslims bow down to the Kaaba five times per day, and when they take the pilgrimage to Mecca, they try to kiss the Black Stone. These practices are sheer paganism, but they are essential to Islam.”

What does he consider Jews making pilgrimage to the Wailing Wall, kissing and bowing to it?

What does he consider Christians bowing and kissing crosses?

Unlike in either Judaism or Islam where each faith shares the common concept of a qiblah/ derek, which is a direction of prayer and not worship of an object, this distinction loses its way among Christians due to their inability to understand either Jewish belief or Islamic belief; such a belief is Christianity part and parcel of Christian belief and thinking. If the act of bowing towards an object is paganism, then what does he consider bowing to crosses, or even images of Jesus, or better yet – to Jesus himself – a creation of God?

For more information on why Muslims bow towards and not to the Kabaah, see the following article.

and Allaah knows best.



  • Hi Ijaz
    what Christians are you talking about? in our fellowship of churches which amounts to over 2000 churches there is no such practice and we never have, furthermore there vast amount of churches not connected with that don’t bow to or kisses.
    The question needs to be answered…do Muslims kiss the black stone in Mecca and if so is that Idolatry regardless of what Christians do.
    To me bowing to and kissing any cross or idol is idolatry!

  • Kissing something means to worship it? Kindly explain how kissing something is idolatry.

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