[Updated] Nabeel Qureishi and Islam?

Update: One Christian extremist is defending Mirza Ghulam as not being a God according to Qadiani beliefs, I strongly suggest that he sticks to his religion of Christianity which encourages gross forms of deceit and intellectual misconduct. Here is an excerpt from Mirza’s own writings, point #6 where he claims to be God incarnate. It would seem that this Christian extremist is unable to stand up to even the most minute forms of intellectual criticism.

Original Article:

Christian evangelists are lauding Nabeel Qureishi’s change from Islam to a now full time Christian apologist. Let’s just put this into perspective, before celebrating any victory. Nabeel Qureishi was a Qadiani (equitable to what Unitarians are to Trinitarians in Christianity), who went from believing that a 20th century Indian man, was a Prophet, Messiah and God, to believing that a 1st century Hebrew man was a Prophet, Messiah and God.

Somehow changing the year and ethnicity, doesn’t strike me as a major change.

Christians though are invited to explain to me how orthodox Islam which disbelieves and discredits any claim for one man to be a Prophet, Messiah and God; at anytime in history, can be equated with orthodox Islamic beliefs? Or how to hold one’s Christology from a 20th century Indian man to a 1st century Hebrew man, can be equated with orthodox Islamic belief?

In other words, if Nabeel goes from believing in an Indian Jesus archetype, to a Hebraic Jesus archetype, it really isn’t bad news for us Muslims. It helps us demonstrate that Qadianism, founded by the self claimant to Prophecy, Messiahship and Godship declare themselves to be Christians with a 20th century flavour. For in pure honesty, Qadianism is Christianity with an Indian man instead of a Hebrew one.

Just to make it easy for comparison, Nabeel’s faith development:

  • Mirza Ghulam Ahmad – 20th century, Indian male, Messiah, Prophet, God.
  • Jesus the Christ – 1st century, Hebrew male, Messiah, Prophet, God.



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