Pastor Samuel Green Insults and Abuses Muslims

I am quite ashamed that a Christian Pastor such as Samuel Green would publicly refer to persons by slurs given to them by Orientalists and Colonialists. It is quite well known that the term “Mohammedan”, is a slur to refer to a Muslim. The first Christian to refer to Muslims as such was John of Damascus who believed Islam to be a heretical sect of Christianity. Other Christian sects were named after their founders, Basilideans, Marcionites, Arians, etc.




This term was very prominently used as a Colonial era slur by Orientalists against Muslims. Now that academia has moved beyond denigrating people by names and titles which do not befit them, it seems that the Christian Church is some 14 centuries behind the times. I informed him several times that Muslims refer to themselves as Muslims and their religion is Islam, however he saw it fit to address us, as “Mohammedans” who follow, “Mohammedanism“. He has defended himself by saying it’s in all the works he’s read and they all refer to Muslims by this derogatory term. Unfortunately, this would indicate that he is learning about Islam from books authored by Oriental Christian scholars and not from any modern day text that don’t refer to Africans, Hispanics, Jews, or any other ethnic group with titles by which the Christian faith may agree with.

We encourage the Pastor to kick our of his faith, this ethnic and racist mindset, instilled in him by his faith in Christ.

and God knows best.

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