Meet Up with Sheikh Mohammed Awal (Student of Shaykh Deedat)

Last evening I had the pleasure of meeting Sheikh Mohammed Awal, a prominent Islamic speaker and debater, and most importantly – a student of the late da’ee, Shaykh Ahmad Deedat (‘alayhi rahma).

awwal and me

Sheikh Mohammed Awal and Br. Ijaz Ahmad, 18.03.14

Sheikh Awal is on his second official trip to the twin island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Last night he had a dialogue with members of a Baptist Church in Carapo, Trinidad. Attendance was moderate and the members of the Pastor’s congregation spent a significant amount of time, roughly three hours inquiring about the Muslim faith. The Pastor’s son has already accepted Islam and the Pastor’s wife has expressed her intentions to do so as well. In seeing this, the Pastor along with some Muslim brothers, organized a dialogue between Sheikh Mohammed Awal and the congregation. In the days to follow, I’ll post a few photos and videos of the night’s event.

By the will of God, after the successful dialogue I was able to sit with Sheikh Mohammed Awal and record an interview. Details surrounding his debate with Mr. James White of Alpha and Omega Ministries were discussed along with his thoughts on the local Trinbagonian Muslim community as well as da’wah advice for young du’aat. The interview will be posted later today and it is with great enthusiasm that I can announce that the brother completely shatters the rumour, initiated by arrogant and rabid polemical missionaries that he fled from a second debate with James White. I do encourage Muslims to share the interview when it is posted so that the missoniaries lies against our brother in Islam can be silenced, once and for all.

wa Allaahu ‘Alam.

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