Pastor Samuel Green: Human will overpowers God’s will

I’m not sure how many Christians would be willing to agree with Pastor Samuel Green’s view that humans can perform actions which God has not willed into existence or permitted. In essence, the Pastor is teaching that human will, overpowers God’s will. Do Christians agree with the Pastor’s message that humans are greater than the Christian God?



If the creation of God, can overcome the will of their Creator, then as humans – we are more powerful than the weak Christian God. This is not a polemical claim, this is based on the doctrinal statements of Pastor Green.

and Allaah knows best.

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  • samuel green , i have some questions for you. God made HELL . Hell is separate from God.
    Adam sinned, Adam was separated from God. When Adam was tempted, was he still in Gods presence?
    If he was in Gods presence, why couldn’t gods presence block out the thought to sin and disobey?
    if Gods presence ( maybe it wasn’t powerful enough?) is UNABLE to block out the disobedient THOUGHT which emanated from adams brain, then how do you know who really is a powerful god in the garden and who really is a weak god in the garden?

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