What is CL Edwards doing?

CL Edwards is one odd Christian polemicist. He debated me in January of 2013 and thereafter seemed to fall into obscurity. His website lacked updates and he didn’t debate anyone else for a significant period of time. In fact, he was allegedly attending a seminary during this time. Eventually he popped back on to the radar again when he debated MDI’s Br. Shadid Lewis, a debate which left many wondering why would any organization give CL Edwards a stage – clearly whatever seminary training he was receiving was absent and not demonstrated during his debate.


Shortly thereafter, I offered up a few challenges, Bob Siegel and Pastor Samuel Green took up those challenges but CL Edwards, possibly embarrassed after his debate with Br. Shadid, never even cared to respond. Eventually he changed his website’s theme, added an article every once in a while, nothing new, nothing scholarly, just copy pasted arguments from AI’s website, sometimes he’d post a video or two. Recently WordPress notified me that CallingChristians had received 1 or 2 views from CL’s website, I checked it out and I began to laugh.

It seems as if CL decided he was brave enough to ‘respond’ to a few articles of mines. As it turns out, he just copy pasted a few Facebook notes of some kid in India who tried to respond to my articles. This left me bewildered, a grown man who is attending a seminary and who didn’t even care to respond to my debate challenge  – whereas the likes of Pastor Green did, decided to copy paste a nobody’s Facebook notes to respond to me on his website. I’m not sure what’s going on, but CL, if you are reading this, maybe it’s time you step up and actually do your own work for a change? Actually try to face me? Or not, it doesn’t matter, you’re fading into obscurity again and no one really cares about your website, your articles or your ‘seminary training’.

If anyone wants to see just how much fun I had with this guy back in the day, do check out this list of rebuttals. Poor chap, I did consider removing the link to these rebuttals, as they essentially were responding to a nobody, but they were just so much fun to write, I felt it difficult to remove them.

Funny guy.

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