• Alhamdulillah Rab Al Aliamin, may Allah Supannah Wa T’ala accept your Dawah and may He Supannah Wa T’ala Bless all with the good in this life and the good in the hereafter. I pray that the Muslims at large will be kind and accept our brothers and sisters as equals, and not look down on these new brothers and sisters as the zinj of Islam. Inshallah T’ala.

  • It does’t matter someone accepts Islam or someone accepts Christianity. The main thing is that you have to pick that religion which you think is best for you. We are all brothers and sisters even they are Muslims or Christians. For those who don’t know about the Islam and thinks that Islam is a terrorism religion, I just want to offer you to read and observe about the Islam and Quran than you will understand yourself. Please stop believing on the fucking leaders because they do what’s best for politics, you have the right to do what’s best for you than why don’t you do it after some research. Wish you all best of luck. Love, Peace and Calm. Thanks

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