Christian Commenter Discovers Quotation Marks

This is no joke, while having a little back and forth on the authorship of Colossians, a zealous Christian commenter accused me of ‘plagiarizing’ the work of James Dunn. Why would he accuse me of such a thing? Well, he may be unfamiliar with what these are:




I put words between quotation marks, you know, to indicate they were, errr – quotes? Sadly, this individual, who ironically calls himself Paul, decided to start 2014 with a bang. Apparently by using quotation marks, I was attributing the words between the quotation marks to myself and not actually quoting someone, which is what the purpose of quotation marks are – to use the words of others. The individual got upset when I chose not to approve his 500 word rant/ comment on his ignorance of what a quotation mark is or what a quote was, so he threatened to use screenshots of what he wrote. By all means, go ahead, let the world know that Paul, does not know what quotation marks are, it’d be splendid.


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