Muslims Attacked in Vicious Assault (Canada)

A group of Muslim brothers from Kingston, Ontario in Canada were attacked by a gang of thugs while walking through their neighbourhood this week. Fortunately, much harm was not done, the thugs were armed and high on drugs, they shouted racist and anti-Islamic statements while attacking and following the brothers. One of the brothers was able to take a quick snapshot of one of the assailants (seen below). Contact information for the area’s Imam and the police are listed below. Your cooperation is necessary in preventing this situation from occurring again. See the full news in this news report of the incident.


One of the suspects being sought by police. If you recognize the individual in the picture, please contact Kingston police at 613-549-4660.


If you or anyone you know lives in the area of the attack (Kingston, Ontario, Canada), please inform Imam Sikander Hashmi who is in contact with the local police.

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