Irony at its best, but atleast he’s honest…

Here’s a Christian telling me what’s wrong with understanding the Christian God:

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What a nice guy, admitting the problem is his own set of beliefs. Don’t often find missionaries conceding this so quickly. Another missionary mishap to enjoy!

Update: Apparently, my friend Innocent is angry about this being posted, so he’d like me to provide the ‘context’ of our conversation, so here it is, directly from him:

Innocent Habonimana: If you want to be taken seriously represent my beliefs as they are , if you know them, and we will debate. If you cannot , I am not coming down to your level.
il y a 34 minutes · Modifié · J’aime

Ijaz Ahmad: Innocent Habonimana,

But you and I already know your beliefs.

God (YHWH) is one (being) in three persons (Father, Son HS). Do you agree or disagree? We’ll get to the hypostatic union later. Do you agree on this, or do you disagree?

For a multiple personality disorder you need one being, who has multiple and distinct personalities (for example, God who is one, has three personalities, this fits the disorder).
il y a 32 minutes · J’aime

Ijaz Ahmad : Innocent Habonimana, unless you want me to refer to the Creeds established by the Ecumenical Councils to give the understanding of God you desire? Because if you think I don’t understand your Graeco-Roman, Demi-God, you are quite mistaken. What was the last book you studied on the theology of your God? Let us know
il y a 31 minutes · J’aime

Innocent Habonimana : You know the problem that you have is that in your mind you think of God in a human form!
il y a 29 minutes · J’aime

Well, unfortunately, that made the situation worse for our friend, but that’s okay, he asked for me to post this.

and Allaah knows best.

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