• god saw that the world practiced too much evil

    what solution was there for a “holy” and “innocent ” god?

    i am sure you all know that the arm is a LESSER PART of your complete body
    so if one were to punish himself to appease himself, he can cut off his arm and then magically reatach it after he cut it off.

    now we all know that god is not flesh
    so divine god cut up LESSER part of himself ,because divine Trumps flesh.

    god had to do this because in his mind he saw all the future sins and past and present sins and transferred them ALL to his bank account .

    all sins were applied to his “innocent”flesh and then magically all sins didn’t become part of the flesh of god,but detached. in hell, the human would suffer because he would not be able to escape from the consequences of sin ,so he is doomed.

    this self planned a nd self controlled “sacrice” is supposed to be the answer to sin?a diety can dump peoples sins unto a lesser part of himself is supposed to be impressive?

    and the flesh he made himself?

    and in each part of the “sacrifice” he makes sure that the sis doesn’t prevent him from teleporting? this is an awesome “sacrifice”?

  • every single act you do now cannot have infinite value
    it can be replayed, but not experienced for ever and ever
    it is finite
    a god excreting is finite also, according to christians. so he cannot feel/experience the dall of nature for ever and ever
    so how was his crucifioxion of his lesser part forever and ever?

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