[Live Updates: x3] A Call to Action: Morris Sadek’s/ Sam Bacile’s Hate Videos + Facebook Pages!

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

[UPDATED: x4]: New information from various news sources seem to indicate that Sam’s identity is most likely fraudulent. Why someone would be making such crazy accusations on such an internationally sensitive issue is beyond me. See CBS News’, The Atlantic News’ and Entertainment Weekly’s latest reports on the newest developments.

[UPDATED: x3]: Sam Bacile continues to be pin pointed as the main culprit behind sparking the violence, see NBC News. Egypt’s government has aimed to take legal action against the film, see Reuters. Afghanistan has banned Youtube, temporarily because the film is now being downloaded and uploaded back to the website, see The Australian News. The Global Post has an insightful article, documenting the condemnation of the attacks by the Libyan and Egyptian people, the attacks are being blamed on a fringe of extremist groups.

[UPDATED: x2]: Various scholars, lecturers and Islamic personalities have come out in condemnation of the killings and violent protests. You can read their statements here.

[UPDATED]: New information released, indicates that the film was produced and directed by Sam Bacile, an Israeli – American Jew, who was funded by 100 Jewish supporters. The Huffington Post has released an article detailing an interview with Sam Bacile. You can read about it via our website as well in this article. The video can still be seen on his Youtube channel. The steps to report that video have been added to this post.

Help us remove the hateful, Islamophobic videos that Egyptian Christian (expat), Morris Sadek has posted to Youtube, as well as his Facebook group and two Facebook profiles which he uses to mock and attack Islam. If you do not know who Morris Sadek is or what he has done, please visit this link. Morris Sadek has invited international condemnation from Muslims, the Coptic Church, Coptic Expat Organizations and by Hilary Clinton (US Secretary of State), you can visit this link for more information (NBC NEWS) or this link as well (BBC NEWS). The actual video has been removed from his Youtube channel, however equally as disturbing and insulting videos, remain on his channel and have been there for almost a year! His Youtube channel’s link is given below.


You can report the videos on Youtube by clicking this link and by using the following instructions (click ANY image for a clearer picture):

1. You will be taken to this page by clicking the above link, you will check the box which says, “Hate Speech Against a Protected Group“.

2. The following list will appear on the screen, where you will check the box which says, “Religious Affiliation (examples: Muslims, Christians)“.

3. The following message will appear on the screen, automatically you should see this link:


If you don’t see that link, you may copy and paste it.

Click “continue“.

4. This long list of options will come up, but all you have to do is scroll down until you see, “Report haqiqa111’s Videos“. Then check the boxes of the videos you’d like to report (any 5 will do, for demonstration sake, we’ve checked the first 5 videos).

5. Scroll down after the videos and you’d see the option to “Block User“, this is optional and up to you. Under that you will see “Additional Notes*“, copy and paste the following text into that box:

Hate speech that has caused international protests and one death thus far. Condemned by Coptic and Muslim organizations worldwide and also by the Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton:


Finally, press “Submit” and you’re done!


Go to this link and his profile page will load.

1. In the top right corner you’ll see this gear (see inside the red box), click it:

2. Once clicked, this little menu will appear on your screen. Select, “Report/ Block“:

3. Another screen will appear, select, “Inappropriate Profile Photo“. Then click, “Continue“.

4. Another screen will appear, select, “Hate Speech or Symbol“. Then click, “Continue“.

5. Another screen will appear, select, “Report to Facebook“. Then click, “Continue“.

6. Lastly, you’ll get this confirmation page, click, “OK” and you’re done!

That’s all for now! If you’ve reached this far, Allhamdulillah that this person’s attacks have disturbed you (and rightly so) to the point you’ve finished these long steps to have them removed. May Allaah guide him and may Allaah allow reward all those who participated in reporting against this man’s evil actions.

Note: Calling Christians does not endorse the violent protests or killings as a result of these hate videos. Our response has been to respectfully apply for the removal of the videos, hence our above tutorial.

wa Allaahu Alam,
and Allaah knows best!

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