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Crying Wolf: Christian Martyr Stories False, Largely Fictional says Christian Academic

Commonly referred to as the ‘martyrologies‘ by scholarship, these are the stories, and oral traditions descended from the earliest Christians concerning their persecution by Roman authorities during the first 30 – 50 years of the post-Christ, Messianic Judaic Graeco Roman movement. These stories served as heart wrenching, emotional tales to spur on ‘faith revivals’ and to win conversions at that time. We see many missionaries currently using this means of emotional propaganda to gain sympathy for their faith in trying to persuade ignorant and soft hearted individuals into buying into their misinformation for either proselytizing or for donations.

Similar to the Gospel traditions (Synoptic and Johannine), most have come to realise that a vast majority of proto-orthodox Christian literature descended from the earliest Messianic Judaic Graeco Roman traditions are mere myths, inventions, stories, fables, propaganda. One brave and fairly well known Christian academic has tried to enlighten the blind Christian world (not academics, whom mostly  and widely support her) about these myths. Here is the interview with her:

Share this with your Christian friends. Let them be enlightened that even the most beautiful stories from their earliest traditions are falsified. It’s time they attain some awareness.