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Debate Tomorrow: Ijaz Ahmad vs Bob Siegel -Which is more reliable, the New Testament or the Qur’aan?

Looking forward to this debate, it’ll be a short one, 1 hour or so long, 5 minute opening statement and moderated by Bob’s friend, Fred. There will be no question and answer call in session, but the first half hour of the debate will focus on the moderator posing certain questions to each debater, whereas the other 30 mins would be a discussion between Bob and I, the details are as seen below:

Tomorrow (24th November, 2013) at:

  • 6 PM PST (US).;
  • 10 PM (AST) Trinidad Time.
  • 2 AM (London) Time.


  • Which is more reliable? the New Testament or the Qur’aan?

Live stream:


wa Allaahu ‘alam.