Why do Muslims use sources they don’t believe in?


When Muslims quote the Bible, or quote scholars like Bart Ehrman who disagree with what Muslims believe, isn’t that cherry picking, a double standard?


This answer can apply to any topic, regardless of the source or reference that a Muslim uses. When Muslims use sources like the Bible, it is not cherry picking nor a double standard to use it in their argumentation. This is because we have a standard of consistent truth. Regardless of what a source says, we agree and affirm when that source is correct. Consider the example of a flat earther (a person who does not believe the earth is a globe). If a flat earther told me that humans lived on the earth or that gravity was real, I would affirm those truths. I would not reject everything the flat earther says, simply because he is wrong in some of what he says.

Consider the example of a Jew who affirms that God is absolutely one. As a Muslim, I would affirm that such a monotheistic belief is a truth. Regardless of his other beliefs about the Prophets or about God, I am not going to reject monotheism merely because the Jew holds some beliefs I disagree with. Our standard of truthful affirmation remains consistent, we affirm the truth wherever it is, and reject the falsehood wherever it is. The ability to both accept and reject from a source is called rational discernment, or the ability to distinguish between truth and falsehood. There is no rule or law which states that one must absolutely agree with everything a source says, this is a false impression to hold to. Being able to distinguish, discern is to remain consistent in one’s approach to works that someone may find things disagreeable with.

The same holds true to the Bible. A Muslim will gladly affirm that Jesus is the Christ as the New Testament mentions. It would be inconsistent to reject that Jesus is the Christ because the New Testament says so. Being able to discern between what we believe and don’t believe is to remain consistent in one’s theology. A long time Christian polemicist also received a similar question when he used and quoted Catholic works, when he himself is not a Catholic:


The irony here, is that when this same individual sees a Muslim quoting the Bible he becomes angry and belligerent, often using insults. Yet in this comment of his, he affirms that it is perfectly fine to quote sources when and where they agree with one’s theology in common. He has no issue with it. As one of his colleagues would say, inconsistency is the sign of a failed argument.

and Allah knows best.


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  • Daniel Nanguang

    Oh really! So let me get this straight: Mohammad, islam andmuslims who call God and Jesus Christ liars for saying that God has a Son -yes, Jesus Christ, that is – and that He Jesus is God in human flesh; he was tocome and will die, but these divine pronouncements are denied by muslims, evennow, in spite and despite their historicities! Christians who believe what God Himself, who called out ofheaven in Mt. 3:17; 17:5; Mk. 9:7; Lk.9:35 and Jesus Christ who not only claimedto be the Son of God, but islam an muslims deny that to be the case and callChristians worshipers of “three gods”. In John 8:58 Jesus asserted:”Before Abraham was, I AM…” Ca this Ijaz character name oneprophet, including your so-called “prophet” Mohammad, the apostle ofyour “Allah” ever claimed to be “>>>Before Abraham, I am”? Yet you muslimsshamelessly equate Jesus to a “mereman” and other such nonsensical statements only muslims are capable ofconcocting, because have no shame, none whatsoever! This Ijaz character wantsus to believe in his bag of “taqiyyah tricks”, that only muslimsbelieve Jesus’ birth was “unique”, but will not believeHim to be God! This “mere man”Jesus cured diseases, made the blind to see, walked on water, raised the deadand Himself rose from the dead! Yet islam and muslims want us to discard all commonsenseand accept their claim that Mohammad, a wicked and very sinful pirate wasgreater that the Son of God – yes, Jesus Christ?   If you muslims andJehovah Witness want to go down the dangerous road of calling God a liar, andan impotent deity, that is your call, how dare you want tell Christians whatbelieve! Mohammad whom you muslim hold in higher regard that the Lord JesusChrist performed No miracles to “authenticate” that he was sent byislam’s Allah, the god muslims; as a matter of fact, Mohammad was eatingpoisonous goat meat without knowing it, one that eventfully killed him. He hasnow been dead 1400 years already with bones in the grave I Medina {or Yathrib),Saudi Arabia, if you care to know the truth!  But Jesus Christ did not only foretold of His death, butalso rose from the dead! Yet you deny these historical facts simply becauseislam and all of you muslims are steeped in “taqiyyah” lies and the demonic hate that spews from the quran,and you are the ones who are quick to call whoever does not buy your islamicgarbage “liars”! Please grow up,willya? Your “Allah” is an incompetent deity, if a deity at all,,since he could not assume any form including a human form even if   he  chose to and he needs you muslims to carryout his dastardly acts for him for the promise of a paradise that does notexist! What makes you muslims think that the true God will admit in repentant criminal who have just finishedcommitting heinous terrorist act into his divine and holy presence? Think about that Ijzas Ahmad!! Remain always blessed brothers and sisters, please always pray for Israel, all muslims, but particularly Ijaz Ahmad’ salvation! Alhaji

  • Daniel, have you ever heard of paragraphs?

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