• What an epic failure by Mark Lawrence ! This really takes the biscuit.

  • For if the truth of God has more abounded through my lie to his glory; why yet am I also judged as a sinner?(Romans 3:7)

  • Oh dear, Bark on Marky!

  • ‘He proceeded to go on a diatribe of insults and crass remarks when questioned.’

    This what i hate the most, wanton and gratuitous insults. Must have equanimity,acquire it before you start preaching, this is a problem with some Muslims too.

    Neither tolerate insults nor should Insult.

  • My one last comment: I hate the insult, not the one who insults. if it makes no sense, don’t blame me, I am just merely repeating what once charismatic said: ‘God hates the sin not the sinner.’

  • Hunter,

    The God depicted in the Bible hates sinners.

  • That’s not what I was contending or meant.

    God hates Sinners, of course He does, how can God hates the sin, how is that even a sin, if no one commits (be it intentionally or accidentally one has to commit)

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