The Nature of God in Christianity – Part 1

In this 5 minute clip, we discuss the topic of the ontology of God in Christianity, more directly – the ontotheology of Christ. We point out some key contradictions in the New Testament and how these contradictions affect Christianity’s doctrines.

and God knows best.


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    1. god exists as invisible being and visible being at the same time

    so my question is, what gives god the experiences of hunger, sleep and suffering ?

    christian god did not exist as flesh being before becoming flesh. so it is not god deriving his experiences from the flesh, but from his divine powers.

    so it is the divine nature which gives the christian god experience of sleep , suffering and hunger

    so it is the divine nature which hungered, suffered and slept because god is only existing as invisible being with divine powers before he becomes flesh.

    invisible being with powers

    human being

    note in christian language it is “god walked the earth”
    “god talked like a human”
    “god slept”

    this is not “jesus the human”

    this is god the divine person of the son taking his human feelings from the divine powers

    the christian god is experiencing B because he gets it from A

    if you say

    “the flesh hungered”

    then god is not existing as B

    why did the flesh hunger? because christian god used powers from A to experience this

    if you are saying god is existing as A and B @ the same time , then god must exist as hungry, sleepy and suffering one