Sam Shamoun Runs From Br. Ijaz

Yesterday I invited Sam Shamoun to lunch with me. Today Sam has responded by blocking me on Facebook. Despite blocking me, Sam decided to respond to one of my articles on the inanity of the Trinitian Godhead. Here I am, discussing with fellow Christians, arguments about the Trinity:


Sam then decided to respond to me, by copy-pasting two of his previous articles:


The question remains, Sam constantly chooses to respond to what I say, post and share, yet at the same time insists he doesn’t have to engage with me. You can’t have it both ways Sam, you need to make up your mind. Addressing me indirectly simply indicates that you do pay attention to what I say, but that you don’t have the courage to engage with me directly. I completely understand that. It’s okay.

and God knows best.




  • You are right Ijaz. I also engaged him thrice. Once in Youtube and remaining two times in Paul Williams blog. He never brings new argument. Same old argument which is been refuted. He has patently absurd understanding of Islamic theology, and on the top of that he gives judgement on Quranic verse and Hadees texts.

  • I have observed one thing about Sam Shamoun (I may be wrong) the people he cannot answer or outdo, he just run away from them. He usually talks to the people who he thinks can handle it very well.

  • Ijaz Ahmed, it is a well known fact that Sam Shamoun is a filthy liar who will rot in hell in the hereafter, inshallah. However, you never responded to my mail that was about Birmingham manuscripts. Until or unless you respond to my mail, I would have doubts about anything you post on your website.

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