Debate: Was Jesus the Son of God Or Only the Prophet of God – Br. Ijaz Ahmad & Dr. Tony Costa

We’re happy to announce that the debate video regarding the debate between Dr. Tony Costa and myself, “Was Jesus the Son of God or Only the Prophet of God?,” has been uploaded on Br. Muslim By Choice’s YouTube channel:

One YouTube user commented:

Ijaz is wonderful to listen to, a complete fresh nature of debating style from him. The Christian was not able to counter his line of thinking.

Here are some debate reviews by viewers:

and Allah knows best.

One comment

  • I have to say bro Ijaz, you have reinvigorated my faith in Islamic apologetics with this remarkable performance. The debating scene has witnessed an evolution–maybe a devolution– from the 90s and early 2000s, where most debates occurred within a framework of “I have the truth, obviously truth will prevail” to the present state, where sophistry and sophisticated, yet specious, argumentation makes most debates inconsequential and worthless. During the 90s and early 2000s Christianity saw a demoralizing trend where debate after debate culminated with a resounding defeat for Christianity–Sheikh Deedat vs. Anis Shorosh debates come to mind, or Zakir Naik vs.whoever was pitted against him. However, a new group of christians would arise in this bleak and disheartening environment, namely, James White, Samuel Green, Tony Costa, William Lane Craig, and even the despicable, execrable, intellectual crooks like Shamoun and Wood. They adopted their methodology from–I believe–the cunning and skillful debaters of the atheist persuasion. People like Hitchens, Harris, Barker,etc. have been, and are, extremely gifted in the art of rhetoric and delivery–how else can you convince the masses that the universe came from “nothing”, the earth was a hot ball of fire, until it cooled down and “it just so happened that the first self replicating molecule formed” and every so often Darwin’s little unicorn would come and throw some fairy dust, allowing it to achieve ever complex design and form, until we had Albert Einstein.” The construction of elaborate, convoluted–yet specious–argumentation, heavily wrapped in sophisticated yet dubious philosophical notions became the mode of operation for Christians. Just as an atheist could quiet down any objection to Darwinism, or any purely naturalistic philosophy concerning existence itself, so, then, could the Christian (although not as convincingly) also quiet down any objection to impossibly difficult theological scenario–how could Jesus be God when he clearly fell down on his face and worshiped God, comes to mind. Where was the Muslim in all of this? He was still shoulder deep in the tried, well tested, demonstrably genuine, yet woefully antiquated, script of the 90s and early 2000s–Zakir Naik and every single person inspired by him, including his students, will confirm this sad scenario. Yes, we do have Dr. Shabir Ally–who I think is too cordial, to the point of being cloying– and Ali Atai, who is a force to be reckoned with, but less than a handful people cannot keep up with an ad hoc team of deceivers and liars. So, again thank you for understanding what is at stake here, and adapting to the ever evolving environment where truth has been sacrificed for the sake of spewing purposefully abstruse, rhetorically ornate and sophistry ridden tripe. You foresight, prescience, capacity for pre-emptive tactics and strategies, breathtaking knowledge of theology, completely annihilated whatever little script Dr. Costa was following. I can only imagine what you will become by the time you’re 30 In sha Allah.

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