January 2015 – Most Views in a Single Month!

Two months ago, in November of 2014 we received our highest amount of page views in the three years that the site has been operational. That was in large part due to a paper on Qur’anic manuscripts. That momentum was cut short when the site was taken offline for upgrades mid-way through December 2014.

Today though, we’re proud to announce that we’ve surpassed the amount of page views we received in November of 2014, which makes this month, January 2015 the month in which we’ve received the greatest number of views that we’ve ever had.

The month’s not over, so we’re still expecting tons of more views and visits to the site. All this being accomplished without another publication being done. Thank you for your support!

and Allah knows best.

One comment

  • Hey ijaz! I’m planning to do a full refutation of this video here:

    But I’m wondering whether you guys are already working on it. If so it’ll be a bit of a waste for me to concentrate my efforts on this. Otherwise alhamdullillah for the growth of your website and may God guide us to the path of knowledge!

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