Reponse to Jay Smith’s Allegations About the Qur’an to be Released!

Salaam ‘Alaykum,

The response to Jay will be released tomorrow with certainty on or before Wednesday 12th November. I had intended to release it on Sunday 9th, as the paper itself is finished. The refutation of Jay has been completed for some time. The delay is because of several additions to the paper which have been suggested such as a contents, a definition of terms, a foreward, appendices etc. I hadn’t intended to include any of those things, but as the more learned brothers read through the paper, for it to be understood by the lay man they suggested these updates. Given that some of these brothers live in time zones 12 hours ahead of me, it means that when I’m awake they’re asleep and when I’m asleep they’re awake, thus we have a very short window of time to communicate and exchange information on a daily basis. For a very brief window of time, the paper was made available on Blogging Theology two days ago. Since then, I’ve received quite a number of emails regarding the paper’s contents and it’s been fantastic to say the least. Some of those who’ve read the paper did advise me to add some more terms to the definition of terms, some brothers suggested a summary, etc.

Some missionaries have taken the delay to mean that I’m getting difficulty to respond to Smith’s claims. To the contrary, I’ve had not a single issue responding to Jay. As I’ve said, the response was completed a while ago, I’m just formatting the paper with additions as suggested by those who have already read it. At the back of my mind was a lecture that I knew Jay was going to deliver on the Qur’an at Veritas University, I wanted to see if he’d alter anything he’d said about the Qur’an since his debate with Dr. Ally. Unfortunately, he repeated the same allegations and brought no new allegations and so I didn’t have to add any content to the paper in that regard. The paper continues to grow in length and I’m pretty impressed with how far it’s come along. At first I never intended to write anything about Jay’s allegations, but given the attention the debate got and the questions that were being asked, I took the initiative to write something that’d inform the public about Jay’s gross dishonesty and mistakes. I didn’t know it’d grow into a 50+ page work with over 99 citations. In all honesty, it’s turned into a small book!

Please be patient with me as I finish the paper, it will be worth the wait.

and Allah knows best.


  • You said tomorrow 😦

  • I didn’t say which tomorrow 😀

  • are you trying to do a matthew, mark, luke and john?

    i quote:

    Jim has been dating Jane for several months. He picks her up one Saturday evening and during their evening casually asks what she did that day. She says,

    “I went to the mall with my sister, Diane. We went to a movie, had lunch and then came right home.”

    What she really did was go to the mall with her sister where they met two guys. Then the four went to a movie together and hung out at a bar for 2 hours. Then Jane and Diane dropped the guys off at the mall, had some lunch and came directly home.

    Did what Jane told Jim contradict what Jane actually did that day? She DID go to the mall with her sister, they did go to the movies, they did have lunch, they did come straight home. When Jim finds out later that Jane and her sister had actually gone to the movies and a bar with some other guys, does Jim have a good reason not to trust Jane?

    Jim visits his doctor, who after diagnosis says you have

    “some and such rare disease.”

    During the course of the visit, the doctor says,

    “There’s a good chance you have 6 months to live.”

    Jim is naturally shaken up and proceeds to get a second opinion. The other doctor provided the same diagnosis, but says that disease has never been known to be fatal. Jim goes back to his original doctor and asks him why he said he only had 6 months to live. His doctor corrects him and says,

    “I only said there is a good chance you have 6 months to live. I said nothing about your dying.”

    Is the first doctor’s prognosis contradicted what the second doctor said? Does Jim have a good basis to change doctors and get his medical advice from someone who talks more precisely?

    On Jim’s first day on the job, his boss explains that Jim “will get paid $10 per hour for making 10 widgets per hour.” Jim works for several months and then finds out that all his co-workers are making $20 per hour by making 15 widgets per hour.

    Did the bosses statement to Jim on his first day contradict the actual pay scale? He was being honest, the company policy is that if you only make 10 widgets per hour, you only get $10 per hour. Does Jim have reason not to trust his boss?

    A teenager and his father are working on a project one Saturday. They need something at the hardware store which is only 15 minutes drive from the house. Junior asks can he go and get the stuff since he just got his drivers license etc. Dad says yes, but says,

    “Come straight home.”

    Junior says,

    “OK, I’ll run to the hardware store and come straight home.”

    Junior gets sidetracked on the way to the hardward store and goes by his girl friends house for a couple of hours, then goes to the hardware store and then drives directly home. When he gets home, his dad asks him why it took so long.

    Junior explains that he went to his girl friends house BEFORE he went to the store and DID come straight home from the store.

    Does dad have reason to think Junior misled him with his statements? Did Juniors promise to run to the store and then come straight home contradict what he actually did? I mean, he did run to the store right after he spent two hours at his girl friends house. Well, whatever you think, I can tell you my dad thought I had misled him. He was an avid believer in the bible where it says thou shalt not bear false witness. Telling half truths, to him, was the same as bearing false witness. But maybe modern christians have a different moral code.

    So, are we to trust the bible to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Or should we be suspicious when accounts don’t match?

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