Missionary Mishap: Preach to Muslims About Jesus the Tasteless

I follow an Apologetic Christian Kindle Deals Page on Facebook, and I usually purchase the books they have on discount. Imagine my surprise when they finally posted a book about preaching to Muslims. “Facing Islam, Engaging Muslims“, by Allen Pritzlaff.



While browsing the book information, I came across quite a surprise!



I imagine that this person who examined Islamic doctrine, the Seerah an Nabawiyyah, the Hadeeth Corpus and the Qur’aan would know that we refer to Jesus as the Messiah, al Maseeh (مسيح). Instead, he writes that we need to know God through Isa al Masikh – مسيخ. Masikh (otherwise transliterated as Maseekh) translates to, “tasteless”. In other words, his book quite literally insults, denigrates Jesus, referring to him as Jesus the Tasteless. Took me quite by a surprise. I’d really like to see the author’s face when he realises he gets one of the most basic things about Islam and Jesus wrong, in a book titled about Islam and Jesus. A bit funny, a bit embarrassing and a bit ironic, what more could we ask for?

and God knows best.

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