Why didn’t Allah send the Qur’aan in a Universal language?

Muslims are often asked this question. If the Qur’aan is from God, why didn’t He send it in a language we can all understand. My response to that question would be, what language would you have wanted him to send it in? Everyone thinks one language or the other is easier to understand. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a universally spoken language. All language is learned and developed. Languages differ, they have variant language devices (metaphors, similes, rhetoric, emphases, etc ) and semantics (meaning), as well as syntax (sentence structure) constructs. There exists no such universal language, so even if God did send the Qur’aan to us in a universal language – we wouldn’t be able to make sense of it since we don’t know what one would look like and one currently doesn’t exist. What’s worse is that we’d all have to learn this new language. Considering that the point of this question is that you shouldn’t have to learn a new language, a universal language that you still have to learn, defeats its very purpose.

wa Allaahu ‘alam.

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  • Assalaamu Alaikum, Would including the benefits of the Arabic Language or rather the Miracle of the Arabic of the Qur’an be helpful:
    It may go beyond the scope of the question, but it’ll definitely fill the gaps with respect to why Arabic was used.

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