Quick Update

Unfortunately I’ve been busy the last few weeks, posts will resume shortly, God willing. I took a break from my work and realised that my debate with Pastor Samuel Green, thanks to Beholder Guardian has amassed over 13, 000+ views! This is jointly Pastor Samuel and I’s largest view count on any debate either of us have had. I really never expected that 13, 000+ persons would watch that debate, but Allaah truly knows best. This view count is despite Pastor Samuel still not having uploaded or posted the debate to his website or to the Answering Muslims website…..surely something’s bothering him about this debate, usually he’s quick to post and promote….but I rather not make any biased conclusions. The good news is, you can join the 13, 000+ other viewers and see what the buzz is all about by watching the debate here:

(It’s all in all, around 14, 000+ views from the various uploads by different users, but 13, 000 from one account is amazing).

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