Event: Lecture on the Preservation of the Qur’aan

Update: Repeat lecture tonight (19th), due to the high demand, Alhamdulillah.

I (Br. Ijaz) will be giving an exclusive lecture on Paltalk tonight on the “Preservation of the Qur’aan“. Originally,  I had planned to deliver this as a khutbah to the students at my University, but it was decided that it was perhaps a bit too technical and a bit too much for the crowd to fully value and understand. As such, I’ve decided to present it as a lecture to a live audience on Paltalk, where we’ll examine the history and nature of the Qur’aan, while highlighting some of the contemporary research about its preservation, as well as responding to and examining some of the claims against its preservation and transmission.


All quotes and references used are from Scientific Journals, well known and qualified Orientalist and Textual Critic scholars, the citations will be subsequently provided. Most importantly, I will be fielding a question and answer period, Muslims and non-Muslims are invited to attend the event and ask their questions. There may be a repeat of the event, given the demand after the lecture is given.

If the crowd does ask for a comparative study of the Bible, I can do so while speaking as well. Any questions not answered during the event can be sent to:


Event Details:

Speaker: Br. Ijaz Ahmad
Time: 11 PM EST.
Location: Answering Christianity Room, Paltalk.
Date: Tonight, 19th October, 2013.

Paltalk Download.

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