• Quote:. Finally, modern microbiology would logically tell us that Jesus would have to have active E-coli resurrected in his gut also so he could digest a fish: “He (Jesus) asked them, “Do you haveanything here to eat?” They gave him a piece of broiled fish, and he took it and ate it in their presence.” (Luke 24: 42) Thus, we not only have a resurrected Jesus, but now we must havemillions of E-coli resurrected by God in Jesus’ gut!!! Thus, faith in the resurrected E-coli is also “Saving Faith” since – without the living E-coli – eating the fish in order to end Jesus’ hunger (in the process of digestion) would be impossible. So (theologically) if there were no resurrected E-coli inJesus’ gut, then Jesus assented to Heaven (Acts 1:9) with a fish undigested in his gut would mean this chewed up undigested fish now has an eternal life too; thus ironically finding itself part of the God Head and so the Trinity now becomes Father, Son, Holy Spirit and Holy Fish!

  • Hey heathcliff
    Don’t you have anything worthwhile to say…didn’t Enoch and Elijah get taken to heaven alive and so both of these men have undigested food in their stomachs too. Right?

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