Christ Saved Me

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

I was hospitalized on Friday the 23rd of November, I was admitted as an emergency case and subsequently needed surgery. For many days I was heavily medicated, unable to move as my body and mind slowly deteriorated. I asked God to guide and protect me, and I was soon answered with good news.

On one particular night, my body was aching with horrible pains. My head pulsed with torment, while my back shivered with anxiety, my mind entered into a state of disarray. You see, the lights were on, it was late at night and the patients who were also heavily medicated were arguing with one another. I was ill and suffered for a number of days. I needed relief, I needed salvation from this horrendous situation I had found myself in.

Suddenly, the room became quiet, and the lights dimmed. Perhaps this was me falling asleep. I looked up and saw a dim light, growing in intensity, yet my eyes were not strained. At first a figure appeared, but I thought it was Allaah, but then I thought it was Muhammad [saws], but no, a man of great immense beauty approached me from the light. In my heart, I knew who this man was. It was Christ, the son of God. I was confused, but then I remembered that this was the answer to my prayer which I had made earlier. God was answering me, in the flesh, through His Son.

Out of all the persons in the world, I who wrote against His word and denied his crucifixion, denied his rising, Christ chose me. A relief and calm over came me as I gazed upon his face. I could hear nothing and feel nothing, I basked in the glory that is Christ, something I had never experienced with Islam. Christ spoke to me and said to me, “I am the Son which you have persecuted, but by my Grace you shall be saved.” At that moment, I accepted the grace of the Christ into my heart and proclaimed myself a Christian. God had answered my prayers by coming personally to me and revealing his glory to me.

To be quite honest, the only true part of this article is the very first paragraph. I have always been amused by persons claiming that Christ spoke to them and cured them. You see, if Christ can visit Paul and change his ways, why did the Christ not come and grant me salvation while I was suffering in the hospital? Why does Christ only visit televangelists who make money off of producing fictional stories like the one I authored above? I based the above story on a TV series called, “A Muslim’s Journey to Hope”, also off of Lebanese Christian Kamal Saleem’s supposed conversion story. Anyone can make up stuff like this, yet people still hold on to these fables as if they were unquestionable. If Christ really visited these people under such conditions, why does he only seem to visit Pastors and Televangelists who are able to make millions off of their congregations? Quite odd if you ask me.

wa Allaahu ‘Alam.

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