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The Truth About Saudi “Preacher” Fayhan Al Ghamdi

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

Despite what news media outlets are promoting, Fayhan al Ghamdi is not an Islamic scholar. God willing this web post can clarify what has happened and why he was given the punishment he received:

Picture taked from Gololy.com

Picture taken from Gololy.com

The accused man فيحان الغامدي turns out to be an ex-drug addict who repented and used to tell his repentance story on some private satellite TV stations (thus why he has been seen on TV). Not all beard wearing men on TV are scholars or preachers. He is limited to a 4th grade education according to his own admission. He had a troubled upbringing and came from a broken household. He was abused and locked up as a juvenile, that entire story can be read here. Some brothers gave him da’wah and influenced him enough so that he could reform himself. He got a job to wash the dead and has been doing that ever since. He was never a cleric and he never raped the girl as alleged.

The mother of the girl was divorced and obviously has major grievances with the father, his mother and new wife. The issue is way more complicated than the sad tragic crime and girl’s death.
The mother of the girl is an Egyptian turned Saudi who was divorced from a prior marriage before marrying the man. The mother alleges that she married the man due to some references that he was religious and used to wash dead bodies (which is seen as religiously commendable). According to her, after the marriage she realised he was not too religious as others had claimed. He relapsed to drug use and other bad behaviour. He missed fasting on some days in Ramadan. Despite this, he used to encourage her to do da’wah. After the marriage things did not go too well. She became pregnant and then divorced. The man got married to another woman. The mother was also married. She lost custody rights some how. The girl was with her father who used to be loving. All of a sudden several months ago there was an accident reported and the girl had sustained major injuries. She was taken to the hospital by the father and his new wife. The claim is that she was tortured. The husband and his wife were arrested. The new pregnant wife was released after two weeks. The mother of the girl is accusing the man and his new wife of the crime.

The girl was in the hospital for more than six months and finally died. She had not been buried due to the ongoing investigation. Below is an entire Arabic episode that discusses the subject and interviews the mother – a source that most News media has ignored.

The actual story begins from 12:00-42:00 of the clip.

wa Allaahu ‘Alam.

Note – This article has been taken from another source, and has been edited, publication and recognition of the source would be acknowledged soon.