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Christine Weick: The New Face of Islamophobic Evangelical America

Christine Weick is the new face of Christian radical extremism in America. Very recently, she’s been known as the “crazy” Monster Energy lady:

She’s also known as that lady which interrupted the Muslim-Christian event in a Washington Cathedral:

Lately, she’s been known as that lady which screamed at Muslims in Texas for Texas Muslim Capitol Day:

I became friends with her on Facebook following her Monster Energy rant, I was interested in her views. After a few weeks of interacting with Christians on her page, I found myself knee deep in Christian Evangelical America. A lot of questions came out of my observation of this brand of Christianity, but the most important question of all has been, what platform do these people represent or seek to represent?

Christine and those of her ilk, view America as the bastion of democracy, freedom and Christianity in the world. Muslims are a threat to America, America’s way of life and a direct threat to the reign of Jesus in America. Muslims are inherently evil, who worship a false God and need Jesus in their lives. Yet, she fails to realise that everything she has done has driven Muslims away from Christianity. Moreso, I’ve personally seen her berate, abuse and attack Christians when they disagree with her on her page. Those sorts of interactions were downright scary, throngs upon throngs of radical evangelists demonizing each other, praising the deaths of “freedom hating apostates of the Church”. I made the occasional comment, but I was mostly an observer. This brand of Christianity is spiteful, hateful and vengeful in the name of Christ.

America is the home of freedom, but not if you’re a Muslim! Freedom of speech? Nope, I’ll grab that mic and scream that your Prophet is false and you deserve to get out of America/ Jesus country. What entertained me the most is perhaps the Christians praising her for standing up for Jesus. How exactly screaming at people with different beliefs than yours and insulting them was standing up for Jesus, failed to register with me and that particular remark actually earned a few likes on her page. Interestingly, she was invited to Israel for a few weeks last year and was actually persecuted by Israeli-Jews for being a Christian, this being demonstrated in videos she herself posted on her page. She mentions one such instance:

God was amazing in providing our escape. We gave them our extra tracts that they demanded and an opening appeared and we got out of there! It was very stressful and scary. The police never came. But we ended up okay. Shaken but okay. Thank you Lord!

Here’s the video of that escape from Israeli-Jewish persecution. In another incident, they were verbally assaulted and attacked by Israeli-Jews before she could return to the safety of her car:

PLEASE WATCH THIS! This was taken after we got back from Ramallah. One of our group went into a bakery to get bagels and pass out tracts to the Jews. They caught us before she could get back into the car. Notice how they tore the tract. God provided incredible protection! I will post the rest of the video next.

Here’s the video of that incident. I do believe that the videos are unable to be viewed unless one sends her a friend request, but she readily accepts those on a frequent basis. Despite being attacked, assaulted and chased by Israeli-Jews, she still supports them! This despite handing out those same tracts in Muslim areas and not once being insulted. In fact, she even visited Amman, Jordan and failed to receive persecution from a single Muslim. Yet, she continues to support Israel and persists in demonizing Muslims. If face to face interaction with violent Israeli-Jews and peaceful Muslims were not enough to get her thinking about her behaviour, there is very little that will.

I posted the following message on her wall, if I do get a reply from her, I’d readily post it:

Hi Christine Weick, a few questions please. A lot of Muslims and Christians messaged me with these so I hope you can help us out:

1. If you’re defending American freedom and by extension freedom of speech, on what grounds do you deny American Muslims the right to that freedom?

2. Would Jesus approve of you screaming at people and insulting their beliefs because they don’t agree with you?

3. If you’re standing up for Jesus by insulting and screaming at Muslims, do you think this is an intelligent, mature and Christ-like way to evangelize to them?

4. Should Muslims look at you as an example of how to treat people they disagree with in Muslim majority countries? i.e., should they prevent Christians from gathering, protest Christian worship, attack their events and insult their beliefs, along with screaming at them?

5. Should Muslims in turn, heckle Christians at their events given your example?

6. Given that you see Islam as un-American and that it should not be allowed in America, should Muslims also eject Christians from their countries if we are to be fair?


Perhaps, the best way to engage with Christine, is to invite her to Muslim talk shows, host public dialogue events with her in a professional setting. She does not seem to be very educated about either Islam or Christianity and so, a dialogue would be the best way to highlight her issues, while providing her audience with eye opening material. She is driven by hate, but with some sensible dialogue and a peaceful approach, Christine can be an entry point for Muslims to do some out-reach work with Evangelical America.

and God knows best.