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Sam Shamoun Continues to Attack James White

Despite claiming to have ceased his abuse of Dr. James White, Sam Shamoun continues to vilify and attack him. As recently as three days ago, Sam Shamoun had these statements to make about Dr. White and my colleague, Br. Yahya Snow.


If anyone has ever listened to Dr. White’s Dividing Line program, they’d be sure to know that Dr. White is not a friend of Yahya Snow. Being a friend to both Br. Snow and Dr. White, I can publicly say that these two are not friends and that they usually publicly air their dislike for each other. Therefore, I don’t know on what basis Sam Shamoun can make such a silly comment, other than for the purpose of demonizing Dr. White and Br. Snow. I call upon Sam to demonstrate where Dr. White has ever referred to Br. Snow as his “mentor” or “friend”, or where he states that he views Br. Snow as he views Dr. Qadhi. Obviously, he can’t do this because no such evidence exists.

There is however another issue that needs to be addressed and this is the insulting language that Sam chooses to use himself, and endorse of others.


Just so we’re clear, Sam Shamoun is an adult male who thinks its good for the Gospel to refer to others as a “loser” and to vilify Br. Snow’s appearance. These are things you’d find a five year old doing, this is kindergarten-level behaviour. I understand that Br. Snow and Shamoun dislike each other, but to create a false narrative and then to use childish insults needs to be seen for what it is. Silly, irresponsible behaviour.

The so-called “friendship” between Br. Snow and Dr. White, this “Snow-White” relationship is as real as the childhood fables that bears a similar name. Purely fictional.

and God knows best.

Christian Girl Loses Composure When Questioned About False Persecution Stories

My last post on false Christian persecution stories was based on a conversation I was having on a Christian friend’s Facebook post. Unfortunately, a Christian girl did not like the queries I was making, or the fact that I was questioning the obviously crass sob story that was being circulated. I got a notification that someone else had commented on the post and this is the out come.

Christian Girl Loses Composure

Christian Girl Loses Composure

It’s the Christmas season, you’d half expect these individuals to show some love, compassion, open mindedness, yet here I am being faced with insults, taunts and mockery, not because I insulted her beliefs, but because I merely questioned the authenticity of a persecution story when the evidences clearly did not add up or or make sense.

While writing this post, it occurred to me that it made sense that this particular Christian was emotional. To begin with, she was the individual from whom the article about alleged persecution was shared, so already she had preconceived and negative connotations about Muslims, it made sense then, that she’d be emotionally endearing in her manner of speech and behaviour. It makes sense therefore, that when questioned she’d obviously respond emotionally and without concern for her fellow man. Sadly, this is type of Christian is what Western Christianity is surviving on. Highly emotionalized and sensitive young Christians who see anyone or anything remotely unChristian-like to be a threat to the survival of their religion.

As you can see, in my response to her, I was cordial and quite pleasant, I did not need to insult her, no need to call her religion false, no need to mock her beliefs. I merely responded with Biblical references which call her not to be hypocritical in her manner of belief and treatment towards others, while conveying some factual points using references from her own scripture. I don’t expect her to reply in kind, but God willing, my cordial words to her will cause her to lessen her aggressive stance.

wa Allaahu ‘alam.