Update: Is the Muslim Denial of Jesus’s Death by Crucifixion Valid – Br. Ijaz & Keith Thompson

Quite a number of people have messaged me concerning this debate. The circumstances and timing surrounding the debate were unfortunate, and so there is a lot of confusion regarding what occurred. Below, I have answered some of the questions I have received:

Did the debate happen?

Yes, the debate did happen.

When and where did the debate occur?

The debate occurred on Monday 28th September, on Paltalk.

Was this a public debate?

No, the debate occurred in a private Paltalk chat between myself and Keith.

Why wasn’t the debate public?

My internet connection was weak. It was extremely slow and dysfunctional, as such, even the connection between Keith and myself was unable to be sustained the duration of the debate.

Why was the debate rescheduled, postponed and cancelled?

The debate was rescheduled a total of 3 times, postponed 1 time, and cancelled 1 time. I was ill on the two occasions that the debate was supposed to take place. After postponing twice, Keith cancelled the debate. Due to public interest, the debate was eventually rescheduled.

Will a recording of the debate be published?

Unfortunately, my connection was extremely poor. This led to the audio recording being of bad quality. Our voices are completely unintelligible, with intermittent blank audio. As such, there is no viable recording to be uploaded. Both Keith and myself have agreed not to upload the debate.

Will either of you provide us with your opening statements?

Yes, I am willing to share my opening statement. To attain a digital copy, visit our Contact Us page, and send a message to request it. At this point, I do not know if Keith will be publishing or distributing his opening speech.

Will you be debating Keith in the future?

At present, this is uncertain, although there has been some consideration regarding a possible event in 2016.

I pray that this answers the queries regarding the debate.

and Allah knows best.

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