Christian “Prophet” Does Miracle in Zimbabwe

Nothing dodgy here.

  • Camera pans in before the “miracle”.
  • Front door opens.
  • Man/ men heard running in.
  • Multiple shadows in the background.
  • Pastor is put back down.
  • Footsteps heard running out of the door.
  • Door closes.
  • Camera zooms out.

Miraculous indeed!

This is the problem, when a faith presupposes that there must be a Spirit which makes every believer “charismatic” (gifted). No Christians, you can’t do miracles. You don’t talk to Jesus either. If any of you actually did that, we’d be able to cure diseases and solve the world’s poverty problems.

and God knows best.


  • bro, why don’t you apply the same on jesus?

    if the man was curing death itself , how come there is no mention of this guys miraculous acts?

    in a time where mortality was high, the man jesus comes along with cures, but no one mentioned his deeds of curing the ill and bringing dead back to life.

    i quote :

    What struck me at the time was if every event happened as recorded, how difficult it would have been to keep Jesus out of contemporary histories. As you know, most Christians are unaware regarding the social/economic situation of First Century Mediterranean countries. The child mortality due to illness; life expectancy due to illness, injury and famine; the sustenance living for the populace. And along comes a guy who can heal. Not just heal—but heal everything, including death itself. Who can provide food from a few bread crumbs. Who provides freely, without limit as to race, political affiliation, gender. Who requests no payment in return.

    Kings would scramble to either win him over, or capture him, or eliminate him from competing rulers. (A fellow who can heal AND feed thousands? Think of eliminating both your medical staff and supply personnel in your army.) He could not sleep, eat, speak or move without constant hounding from people begging to heal, be fed, and so on. Worse, once he demonstrated he could heal from a distance, as it were, it would only multiple his popularity.

    Frankly, it becomes inconceivable such an individual would be so powerful, and perform such miraculous actions, yet be so completely unknown.

    Don’t even get me started on Peter’s shadow’s capability to heal….

  • either the guy was completely unknown and nobody verified his miracles or the gospels EXAGGERATE his miracles and popularity in different cities in his homeland

  • Hilarious. However, knowing christians, if they could do “miracles” they would use such feats to, well, kill more Muslims. Because, if you have paid attention to the world as of late, that is a reality so blatant, so glaring, and so overt, that only deluded, intellectual zombies, and biblically inspired bigots like Johnathan Mclatchie and his circus of schizophrenic clowns (shamoun, woods, white, thomson, etc.) would reverse roles with their victims of genocide, murder, and 21st century holocaust, and label them as “viruse” and “cancer.” We live in the Twilight Zone, ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seat belts and hang on to the Quran and Sunna.

  • Hi Ijaz
    Should I connect you to every Muslim that acts like an idiot? What was the point of showing this? Why don’t you get back to discussing good subjects instead of taking cheap shots at Christianity

    I can pull out lots of examples of Muslims whose lifestyles are false and hypocritical, but how will that further my cause?

    Come on Ijaz you can do better than this.

  • LOL

  • Hi Adam
    Show me in the Koran where Jesus says the following….that he is a spirit from Allah…a word from Allah…and he is the Messiah…then I might hang on to the Koran.

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