Missionary Mishap: When Reading Comprehension is a Problem

From time to time I get tagged on Facebook with every Tom, Dick and Harry wanting to challenge me to a debate. Some react badly when I decline, or if I don’t respond. This is an example of one of those people and it’s also an example of why I choose not to “debate” or “dialogue” with them:


There are what? 250 000 manuscripts of the Qur’an worldwide. What does the missionary read? That there are 250 000 mistakes in the Qur’ans worldwide. To me, this is pretty funny as I don’t have to do anything to “respond” to him. He’s given the quote and posted his comment, both are in conflict and so he’s done my part for me, by refuting himself.

That’s what I enjoy about the Missionary Mishap series. Almost every post in this series demonstrates the lengths to which missionaries will go, even to the point of quoting something and not being able to read it properly. It makes for good entertainment.

and God knows best.

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