Ten Reasons Why We Must Reject the Gospel of John.

A few well put together arguments on the lack of the Gospel of John’s historicity.

Many Prophets, One Message

John Rejected

Ask a Trinitarian for evidence of the divinity of Jesus and they will undoubtedly direct you to Gospel of John. In a previous article we saw how any such evidence put forward from this Gospel is ambiguous at best and often taken out of context or misinterpreted. Remove the Gospel of John from the New Testament equation and there is very little left in the Trinitarian’s armoury to appeal to for evidence of the divinity of Jesus. If you take away this Gospel, any Biblical foundation for the Trinity, ambiguous or otherwise, comes crashing down. So from a Trinitarian’s perspective the stakes for the Gospel of John are very high. This article is going to show that the Gospel of John is not a reliable historical account of the life and teachings of Jesus:

1. Lack of early evidence.

Dating the Gospel of John is no easy task. For a…

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  • If Gospel was the word of GOD then why should there be four Gospels. As we all know they are according to Matthew ~according to Mark, according to Luke and according to John. Only one should have been enough.Why didn’t Christian God choose only One Person to deliver the message? Why choosing incompetent and inefficient and incapable person who can’t handle the entire message? On the top of this we find contradictions between these four gospels.Everybody is narrating different stories.It’s crystal clear that there are glaring differences between Jesus & Paul’s teachings.

  • Hi Ijaz
    It was good reading the article but the person in question didn’t read the gospel properly I will respond my points in a little while.

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