Muslims See Through the Hate

So lately a few angry Christians have been attacking me.  They’ve  foregone publishing one of the debates while attacking me for not posting another one immediately, irony at its best.

Their comments are  personal, vicious and are not based on discussing the materials or arguments for either debate.  One brother who viewed their comments, saw right through their actions.  Someone half their age, went head to head with their best debater with decades of expertise, and yet I persisted (note: not declaring myself a winner, just saying I persisted during the debate). Here’s his insightful comment:


Their ad hominem have increased because they cannot stand up to or deal with my  arguments.  It’s therefore become very  polemical and personal. Just goes to show when missionaries attack you this way and this much, it means that I must be doing something right. I just find it funny that grown men who claim to ignore me, can dedicate so much time and effort into following my posts, trying to talk to me privately (Radical Moderate messaged me on Paltalk), write posts about me, publish – review and promote my debates, yet they’re ignoring me. I mean, if you’re claiming to ignore me, and you’re so obsessed with me and my debates – mind you, debates attracting crowds of 120+ (something none of them can achieve), how is it that they’re actually ignoring me?

If I’m such a waste of time, why do they bother to attend my debates, promote them, share them, view them, discuss them, review my articles, comment on my articles, etc? As the saying goes, actions speak louder than words. If this is how they ignore me, I wish they’d ignore me all the time!

and Allah knows best.

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