Clarifying the Public Exchanges between Sami Zataari and Myself

I’ve received some e-mails inquiring as to why Br. Sami and I seemingly have a dislike for each other. To be very honest, we do not have any dislike for one another, we actually have a very close personal and work relationship. As is custom, close friends tend to be very playful with each other and so Br. Sami and I tend to make fun of each other quite a lot. I do apologize to the wider Muslim community who thinks that Br. Sami and I have been at disagreement with each other, whereas the reality is we love each other for the sake of Allaah ta ‘aala and our friendship is so close that we enjoy making fun of each other. Most of the du’aat (plural of da’ee, Islamic preachers) share very close personal and work relationships with each other. To clarify the perceived problem, Br. Sami posted this to my Facebook profile earlier tonight:

Ijaz Ahmad


We’re both also close to Br. Bassam, hence why he too is now included in our fun. Many persons would have also seen that Br. Abdullah al Andalusi and I also share the same kind of relationship, I’d like to reiterate that the Muslim da’wah community is very united, we have our differences but we are all very close friends and we interact with each other for work and personal reasons on a daily basis. I hope this post clears up any doubt as to the relationship between Br. Sami and I.

and Allaah knows best.

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