Accepting Bob Siegel’s Debate Challenge

If you haven’t heard about Bob Siegel, well you should have, I’ve covered his debate here and his dancing and singing during a debate here. Unfortunately, Bob himself didn’t message me the challenge so I was completely unaware of it for more than a month, not even his fans forwarded it to me. In any case, he ended up doing an entire radio show dedicated to responding to my review. I’m listening to it while writing this post, I’ll probably update it if Bob says anything interesting.


So here I am Bob, accepting your challenge, I’ll message you via e-mail, with this link in there as well. I look forward to your response. I hope we can debate the same topic, I’ll gladly give you a chance to redeem yourself.

You did ask for my name to be pronounced phonetically: E-Jazz (Ijaz).

and God knows best.

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