Ijaz Ahmad is…

Christian Missionary

Christian Missionary

This message was posted to our Facebook page earlier yesterday. The person posting the message is a Christian missionary who idolizes the Answering Islam team, like most of his ilk, he is unable to respond academically, logically and coherently to the points we raise in defense of Islam and against the religion of Christianity. I tend to think of these reactions, these emotional reactions as being faith defensive. He’s angry at me and I can’t blame him for being angry at me. There’s a lot to hate me for, I post articles that critique his faith, run an organization and work for another that does the same kind of work. I have no problem with being called a punk, I’ve been called much worse, in fact – being insulted is a service to me, because it lessens my pride and keeps my ego in check. I’m not infallible, I’m not all knowing and I’m not perfect. I’m a Muslim who defends Islam and studies Christianity and if that is what makes me hated by many, then I’d gladly accept that hate.

and Allaah knows best.

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