Muslims also are Victims of Kenyan Terrorist Attack

Unfortunately for the international Muslim community, an alleged statement by several eyewitnesses who were fortunate to escape from the Kenyan Mall, indicated that the shooters shouted that all the Muslims should leave and that their intention (the gunmen’s) were to solely harm non-Muslims. This however is not the reality on the ground, the Kenyan attack has hit home for Calling Christians as we are also in grieving and awaiting good news from our staff member, Br. Akbar Sidi, a well respected member of his community and a former law enforcement officer – he is now retired, he is most importantly also a resident of Kenya.

Two of his Muslim Kenyan family members, Shamim Allu (cousin) and Fatuma Abdu Rahman (brother in law’s daughter) – were both shot by the gunmen and are in recovery in the hospital. For those who are saying that this was an attack by Muslims against non-Muslims, we seek to remind them that we too are grieving from the attack as our own brothers and sisters were viciously shot at by political terrorists – as I’ve outlined in my latest exposé. Sadly, certain members of the Christian missionary community have taken this as an opportunity to attack the grieving during this emotionally tortuous time. Tony Pezzulo (pictured) below went on an angry tirade, mocking, insulting and abusing Br. Akbar as he posted about the trauma his family is currently experiencing.

Christian Missionary - Tony Pezzulo

Christian Missionary – Tony Pezzulo

To Mr. Pezzulo, we ask that you as a Christian should live up to the standards of your religion and we demand that you show some respect to the grieving. Despite your differences with the Muslim community, we too are victims of this tragic event and we too are awaiting swift justice for these terrorists. It is however, not right to insult Muslims, or Br. Akbar – especially as he to, is also a victim of this attack. This is not the time to score points against Muslims in this game of preaching against us, we remind you that you should show humility and respect to the victims of this incident.

We ask for your du’as (prayers) for the family of our Br. Akbar Sidi and we pray that Allaah aids both Muslims and non-Muslims in seeking security from these perpetrators. Ameen.

and Allaah knows best.

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