Editor’s Note: User Disclaimer

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

As the administrator of this website, it’s my responsibility to respond and to clarify some notions/ perceptions that surround our operations. To some, our content may be seen as offensive or even distasteful, however I must insist that posting such materials is not the modus operandi of this website. It must be understood that religion is a sensitive topic, it is the closest thing to a man’s heart, mere disagreement can be seen as insulting and disparaging. Due to this we do try to take into serious consideration what we post, however we cannot operate this website while maneuvering on egg shells. There are certain delimitations through which we must operate and we accept this. To clarify what I mean by these statements, in summation I can say that our intention is not to be offensive by any means but to offer a wealth of information for persons to make educated theological decisions. Our modus operandi can therefore be listed as such:

  • To post articles that operate within the permissibility of the Shari’ah.
  • To critique and respond to detractors of Islam.
  • To educate and inform.
  • To expound upon theological and logical dilemmas, contradictions and abuses.
  • To defend Islam and by extension, the Qur’aan, Sunnah, Scholars and Muslims, et al.
  • To raise awareness of anti-Islamic hypocrisy and bigotry.

This website’s purpose and aim, is not to attack Christianity or Christians, but to ‘Call, to invite Christians to Islam‘. Sometimes our posts may seem harsh, generalizing or perhaps too critical of one individual or group. I must reiterate that we don’t aim to mock, abuse, insult or cast aspersions on any person or group of persons, however we have and will continue to frame our articles/ rebuttals / rejoinders / responses within academic standards. We have a growing Christian and Muslim audience, and from them we haven’t had many complaints thus far which is both good and bad. Good in the sense that we are reaching our target audience, but bad in the sense that we are unable to know when we’ve crossed the line from being critical, to being outright offensive. I do apologize if we have unduly offended anyone, and we gladly invite persons to contact us if they find an article to be too offensive (consideration will be taken and the appropriate action taken). Most importantly, I’m young, barely out of my teens and as such, I do not consider myself to have full oversight as to the extent of the effects of my words. Due to this, we do have elders (some who most of you know and others who you don’t) who freely criticise this website, while guiding and correcting us where the need be.

In closing, it must be made quite clear that our intent is not to offend, but to be critical. We have many new writers (as of March 2013) and they may be unfamiliar with our editorial standards, so please do excuse them if they do make a mistake or two as they too are fairly new to this realm. That does not mean that the appropriate action won’t be taken, rest assured that we take discipline, accountability and responsibility into consideration at all times, for as the Qur’aan states:

 Therefore, by thy Lord, We will of a surety, call them to account (92) For all their deeds.
“فَوَرَبِّكَ لَنَسۡـَٔلَنَّهُمۡ أَجۡمَعِينَ (٩٢) عَمَّا كَانُواْ يَعۡمَلُونَ ” – Qur’aan 15:92-93.

wa Allaahu ‘Alam,
Br. Ijaz Ahmad – CC Director.


  • More power to you brother, I believe addressing such a complicated topic would -of course- bring one face to face with the entire structure of his/her faith, need not to mention that shaking one’s structure of faith is not expected to give a feeling of joy,nevertheless, it shouldn’t be looked upon as offence, in fact, it’s a gift in a form of an aggressive surgery to one’s soul.

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