Calling Christians Celebrates 1 Year

بِسۡمِ ٱللهِ ٱلرَّحۡمَـٰنِ ٱلرَّحِيمِ ,

Today, December 20th, exactly one year ago, Calling Christians had its inception. I had almost forgot this fact until I curiously checked our WHOIS to ensure that the credit card we used had its personal information removed. In this one year, a lot has happened. The look of the website has changed numerous times, the articles continue to flow covering so many new topics, everyday we have new commenters, our Facebook page is growing, our e-mail following continues to grow, on Twitter we have more followers, etc. With each passing day we see more visitors, an increase in e-mails and more interest in what we write and the message of Islam.

Our audience spans each and every continent, we have a vast non-English speaking following from places like Sweden, Denmark, India and even South Korea. The largest source of viewership is North America followed very closely by European states, Muslim majority countries are the lowest source of viewership which would mean that we are hitting our targets: Christians. It’s almost daily that we get e-mails asking about new Muslim classes, or if we can help a new Muslim seek salvation from their Christian parents, or if we can help a new Muslim in a hostile nation seek protection. Some complain that we often don’t reply to comments on our articles, but that’s because behind the scenes we’re dealing with so many apostate Christians that it becomes a handful! All praise is due to Allaah that we can continue to serve the New Muslim Community.

In the past year, so many Christian authors have found themselves refuted by our articles that they resorted to making videos and dedicating copious amounts of time to ‘respond to us‘, namely James White, Anthony Rogers and even CL Edwards. We’ve even managed to anger Sam Shamoun to the point that he is avoiding mentioning us, for fear he gives us more attention. I’ve had one smashing debate with Anthony, that he got so incensed that he made a video, by stealing from a Muslim website. Due to this, the very Muslim he stole from refuted him and now Anthony is stuck making excuses and promises for a follow up. Brother Qmark, one of our authors has had Anthony hiding his tail between his legs for so long, the quality of scholarship here at CC only serves to demonstrate just how much effect we have on our Evangelical brethren.

Our team is growing constantly, yet we remain completely self sufficient. We’ve acquired funding until 2014, and as time goes on, we’ll continue to make ends meet as we provide more services for the Muslim and Christian communities. I’ll reveal one little unknown fact about Calling Christians. On Christmas of 2011, after 5 days of starting this website we received our highest viewership in a single day until this was later trumped by successive increases. It was really ironic that the website which was dedicated to debunking Christianity, had its highest day of visitor viewership on Christmas, I can never forget that.

Thank you for all the support, we hope and pray that Allaah ta ‘ala allows us to continue inviting Christians to Islam, Ameen.

wa Allaahu Alam,
Br. Ijaz Ahmad – Director of Calling Christians.


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