Muhammad Crystal Clear in the Song of Solomon

All praise is for Allah and peace upon his messengers.

The Song of Solomon has always been a mysterious love story. Many Bible commentators have tried to solve its mystery but cannot put the pieces of the puzzle together because they have excluded the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. The answer to the riddle is glaringly clear although camouflaged unjustly by Bible translators who hid away the name Muhammad and translated it literally in the Song of Solomon 5:16 which will be dealt with later. In this book I will prove beyond any shadow of doubt that Muhammad (pbuh) is Shulamite.

You will discover that the astonishing features and qualities described in the Song of Solomon, when compared to that of Muhammad (pbuh) are vividly the same and remarkably similar. When studying both Islamic work and the Songs of Solomon it is clear that Muhammad (pbuh) is vital and solves the mystery.

I hope you the beloved reader will enjoy this book and unveil the mystery found in the Song of Songs. I will try to simplify the puzzle to the best of my ability, though it might be hard for all to understand.

Let the evidence speak for its self!

Let the journey begin.

Ahmed Pandor

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