Islamic Poems

In the Name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, I Begin:

Here is a lovely collection (in progress….) of Islamic Poems. Please indulge in them and write your own. Let us continue the great success of Islamic Literature.


My Struggle

I can feel them on me,
Yes those eyes,

Every move I make,
They follow me,
I speak,
They listen.

Some would crave for the attention,
I want none,
All eyes are on me.

They look at my beard,
Hate my words,
I pray,
They pray against.

I board a plane,
Security moves in,
I complain….
And am detained.

I speak out,
Ask for help,
Then they turn,
Those eyes away!

I say,
I am human too!
They all laugh,
and say no you fool!

They place me below them,
What have I done,
You worship Allah?
Then you are one of them.

I tell them,
I have a God and so do you,
They say what does it matter?
The world hates you.

I say what world do you live in?
They say the one they built.
We helped too….
No you didn’t what world do you live in?

They hit me,
Punish me for what?
In a secluded room,
My heart’s defunct….

I start to recite the words of God,
They hit me more,
Then the truth comes,
I feel nothing.

Their hate affects me no more,
Say what they want,
Do as they want,
I ‘ll fight for what my people want.

They made me this way,
Letting me go,
Was their worst mistake…
They will pay.

A promise for those,
Who did my people wrong,
I’ll find you someday….someway,

-Written by Abu Shuja’ah Ibn Harb


My Faith

With every move I make,
I try to practise my faith,
Destroy the hate,
Keep the Muslims awake.

Got to prepare,
Denounce my fear,
Love my God,
Islam is the sword!

Got to realize,
The tears in my eyes,
Only weakens me,
And strengthens the enemy.

Got to pray some more,
Follow His Laws,
Take his guidance,
Share some love.

I am a Muslim,
Nothing else,
You must appreciate,
This is the true faith.

Islam is real,
Unchanged and beautiful,
Timeless still,
No boredom to kill.

It guides me everyday,
Giving me the right words to say,
To open some hearts,
It’s like the sweetest of tarts.

Allah knows my truest intentions,
Not putting me down for my foolish actions,
He is all forgiving and merciful,
He is the true creator of all the worlds.

-Written By : Abu Shuja’ah Ibn Harb


The Change Within

Today I changed,
I prayed some more,
Hoping to fight the devil’s roar,
Devil’s whisper in my ear,
Pushing me not to care.

Making me feel that I’m in despair,
Nothing to live for,
Dreams no more,
Why believe he says?
Trying to raise my fears.

But he won’t succeed,
Devil’s lies I won’t breathe,
Misguidance I won’t keep.
Islam is my belief,
And Allah knows best.

I place my faith in Him,
The devil can try to make me sin,
But Allah is always there,
Showing me how to fight,
Giving me the only book that is the light.

I’ve doubted Him once but not again,
His guidance I am living,
The pressure within,
But I won’t sin,
Islam is what I’m preaching!

Here I am spreading His word,
Then the others say it’s absurd,
I show them the truth,
Now they believe,
Islam is what they can’t leave!

Faith is found within,
Allah gives us the inspiration,
The drive to fight for what’s right,
Allah I believe in all your might,
Now no one can doubt the Muslim’s fight.


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