Dajjal (the Anti-Christ): Research, Critical Analysis, and Commentary

On Eid day, the following book will be launched and link shared with the readers:

DBC 11.06.2018

The book took many years in research and several months in the writing and review process. The table of contents can be seen below:


Dozens of Hadith books were utilized in the research for this book including several of those that have not yet been translated into any other language. This book includes every Hadith there is on the subject of ‘Dajjal’ (إن شاء الله) with special care taken to ensure the authenticity of the reports. The weak and fabricated narrations have been included in a separate index at the end.

Furthermore, the varying theories have been put under the microscope and analysed in detail, people misusing the narrations have been called out and addressed as well.

The book attempts to focus mainly on the narrations and their study but the reader will find many links to the present times as well including the geopolitical situation of the world.

It is my attempt to keep the text simple and user-oriented making it easy to understand and I hope the language used, the sequence and series of events provided, and the style of clarification and elaboration used is just that and I hope that the readers find it beneficial. It is also my attempt to make this book a one stop area for all the needs – in other words, if you read this book, you will not need to go elsewhere for anything on the subject; hopefully all the potential questions have already been incorporated in it.


  • Cool…looking foward to it 👍

  • salams Brother,
    cool,look forward to forward to reading and seeing who is the anti Christ. I have always said Paul was the dajjal, he was anti Christ ( against Christ). he preached the opposite to what Jesus did. He changed the doctrine. We see that He is the one who made the claim in the bible that without Jesus death and Resurrection the faith is in vain. And Allah in the quran refutes that. He made halal what Allah made haram and vice versa. Paul allowed eating Pork. And issa (as) will come back and destroy just that, the corss he claimed Issa (as) was cursed on and he will will kill the same swine Paul allowed them to eat.There are many points that show that Paul was the Perfect candidate to become the Anti christ. Besides there are no proper records of what exactly happened to him after they captured him. There are no authentic reports that he was Killed. So ,my theory is that Allah made him get captured and he is the one who is in that cave on an island.
    There are so many things that point to Paul. That’s my theory.
    Eid mubarak

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