Debate Event: Is the Bible the Absolute Word of God?

This evening there is a debate between Br. Mustafa Ahmed and Youth Pastor Angelos Kyriakides. The event will be held in the Muslim Apologetics Podcast Zoom Room, and the link to the room will be posted here just before the debate.

MAP Zoom Room:

Debate Format: 

  • 15 minute Opening Statement (each).
  • 10 minute Rebuttal (each).
  • 5 minute Concluding Statement (each).

Moderator: Br. Yahya Snow of MAP, Blogging Theology and The Facts About Islam.

The debate is being recorded and there may be a question and answer session at the end of the debate. The Zoom Room can be accessed via any computer with a browser, on any Android device and on any iOS device.

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and God knows best.