Is It Racist to Be Racist? – Jonathan McLatchie

Until I read Jonathan’s recent post, I had not realised just how desperate he was to misrepresent what those in the inter-faith community are angered with him about. It should be noted and categorically stated, that criticism of Islam is not tantamount to racism, until one includes race and ethnicity into it. When this occurs, the promoting of religious based ethnic vitriol is considered racism and this is what Jonathan is accused of.

It is symptomatic of Jonathan’s behaviour to appeal to straw men when criticised either about his behaviour or his statements. No Muslim has ever stated that his criticism of Islam amounts to racism, however, his castigating of Muslim immigrants and their ethnic communities in Europe as a cancer and a virus is racial based vitriol, and this is what is considered racism. To begin with, Jonathan considers Muslim immigrants of an ethnic background to be “cancers” and “viruses” that are invading Europe –

Furthermore, he has shared links in the past and defended their contents relating to his racist views. These links are videos where he has argued that Muslim immigrants create “no-go” zones, effectively terrorizing peaceful Europeans. To further his cause, despite now saying that he does not believe ISIS’ brand of religion is normal for most Muslims, in the past he has argued that they are and shared videos towards that cause:

If race has nothing to do with it, then why is that he’s recently criticised and mocked “White Converts to Islam“? See, he has a bad habit of saying one thing, denying it and then saying another. His lack of integrity knows no bounds. This is one reason that he’s decided to go to South Africa where racial intolerance has currently been spiking, he has found that his ideas about White’s, immigrants and Muslims, appeal more to Christians in Africa than in the UK. He can be assured that there will be many surprises awaiting him when he lands in South Africa.

It is funny that Jonathan needed to share a post where he considered banning Muslims from America wrong, as proof that he’s not racist, but does not consider sharing a lecture by himself labeling those same communities in Europe as cancers and viruses that have no place in Europe as proof that he is racist. Hypocritical? Indeed.

and God knows best.