End of Year Message

As Salaamu ‘Alaykum,

As we approach the end of the Gregorian calendar, I thought it would be beneficial to mention a few words about the progress and development of Calling Christians. To put things into perspective, 5 years ago when I began interacting with Christian polemicists I sent an email challenging Sam Shamoun to a debate. He declined and told me to go play with my ‘swing set’, because I was a ‘child’. This year I was offered $1000 USD to fly to America and debate him. How the tables have turned! As the Magnificent Qur’an says:

“Verily I have rewarded them this Day for their patience: they are indeed the ones that are successful.” – 23:111.

Over the past 12 months, my health declined severely. It was unexpected, and unfortunate. However, within that same time frame, Calling Christians has seen a significant increase in its readership. To date, the calendar year of 2015 has brought us our largest amount of readers in our four year history. Not to mention that we had 2 on-stage debates, which were my first stage debates, along with a debate with a noted Christian scholar, Dr. Tony Costa.


While we did have some unforeseen expenditure, we have recovered to the point that one or two more donations would keep us completely operational for the next several years. In other words, our growth is outpacing our available resources. The Calling Christians team have found themselves in demand, to the point that we’ve had to stop taking debate requests, declining event invitations, rejecting articles en masse, and trying our best to finish our research (and studies) in a timely manner.

Importantly, we received funding to replace defunct hardware essential to the website’s operations. We also began the Calling Christians library, which was donated by a former student of Dr. Shabir Ally containing a wide array of scholastic books about Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Not to mention, Dr. Shabir himself also donated some books to our library. Indeed as the Qur’an says:

“Allah will find a way out for him who fears Allah,and will provide him sustenance from whence he never even imagined. Whoever puts his trust in Allah, He shall suffice him. Surely Allah brings about what He decrees; Allah has set a measure for everything.” – 65:2-3.

In closing, this year has been our most successful year. While my health may be in a poor state, we have still managed by the grace and mercy of Allah, to achieve an unbelievable amount of success within this year. I’d like to thank everyone who contributed to our success, and I’d like to pray that Allah preserves us, guides us, and uses us as a means of guidance for the misguided, Ameen.

We’ve got a lot of amazing content coming in 2016. Keep us in your du’as!

and Allah knows best.


  • Salam Ijaz, The year 2015 might have been a very good year for your website, but the response timing of the questions sent to the callingchritians’ e-mail address is very poor.

  • Salam Ijaz,

    The year 2015 might have been a very good year for your website, but the response timing of questions sent to you is very late.

  • wa ‘alaykumus salaam,

    Sorry brother. I’ve been sickly and my health is steadily declining, and it has become difficult to respond to all the messages we receive. Very few people are qualified to answer the kinds of questions we receive, so the responsibility of answering falls upon me. Since I am sick most of the time, I’m unable to keep up with the demand. If you know someone who is qualified and willing to help, that would be appreciated.

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